About Us

The idea for Melting Pot Gifts began during the 1999 holiday season. It was the first year of marriage for Michelle Emerson and Dan Dodson. While searching for a Christmas card with an interracial couple, Michelle realized there didn't seem to be any. When discussing the lack of interracially-themed cards with Dan that evening, he suggested Michelle start a greeting card company. Michelle felt someone needed to take on the task, and while she hadn't immediately considered doing it herself, Dan's suggestion intrigued her.

The couple spent the following year doing research which finally resulted in the formation of Melting Pot Gifts LLC in July 2001.

Why the need for interracially-themed greeting cards? U.S. Census information shows an increasingly diverse population including a substantial number of interracial families and couples. Many of these couples want cards that look like them. Children of these couples are reassured by cards with pictures of children that reflect their identity.

Michelle Emerson is the Managing Member of Melting Pot Gifts LLC. For years Ms. Emerson has been frustrated by the lack of gifts for interracial couples. She has been a leader in numerous arts and civic organizations. Ms. Emerson's experience in providing marketing and production support for arts organizations will be an important element of Melting Pot Gift's success. Ms. Emerson is a graduate of Rice University.

Dan Dodson is a member of Melting Pot Gifts LLC. Mr. Dodson has held several executive marketing positions including such companies as Nortel and Viewcast.com. He has extensive management consulting experience with IBB Consulting advising major high tech corporations on a variety of business issues. Mr. Dodson holds a B.S. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University and an MBA from Harvard University